The Ending

The following are screenshots from the endings (More American Graffiti includes the years it happened), and some thoughts on a 'Still More American Graffiti'.

American Graffiti

More American Graffiti

Still More American Graffiti?

What would a second sequel to American Graffiti be like?  It would have to take place around 1990 or so.  It would be about the gang hitting their 50s.  Curt Henderson, though not appearing in the first sequel, would probably still be a successful writer.  Richard Dreyfuss would require a whole lot of make-up like in Mr. Holland's Opus (unless the story takes place in the year 2020, he won't have to wear any, since he looks like a seventy-year old right now).  I don't think there is much more to tell from his viewpoint.  Everything went right with him - while the other characters had other interesting stories to tell.  Steve Bolander and Laurie will be either happily married or divorced.  Debbie, like Curt, doesn't have more to tell.  She starred in the sequel because she was a popular castmember of the original, garnering an Academy Award nomination.  But besides her country-music carreer, I believe there isn't anything interesting to tell. Terry Fields - it would be very interesting to find out what happened to him after he escaped the war.  Did he survive?  Did his plan work?  We'll never know.  Finally, the reason a third American Graffiti wouldn't work, is John Milner.  In my opinion, American Graffiti was John Milner's story.  It was more about his life, his choices, and his future, than it was about Curt's.  But John died, and Still More American Graffiti just wouldn't work without him.