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Download the American Graffiti Trailer! It's 7.74 MB and runs 2:49 minutes. It is in .mpg format. Click here to download it.

Some statistics:

American Graffiti

Release date: 8/1/73
Budget: $750,000
Domestic Gross: $115,000,000
Rentals: $55,128,000


Academy Award Nominations: Best Director (George Lucas), Best Film Editing (Marcia Lucas, Verna Fields), Best Picture (Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Kurtz), Best Supporting Actress (Candy Clark), Best Writing, Best Original Screenplay (Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz, George Lucas).
Golden Globe Nominations: Best Director - Motion Picture (George Lucas), Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy (Richard Dreyfuss), Best Motion Picture - Musical/Comedy (won), Most Promising Newcomer - Male (Paul Le Mat)(won).


This is the original American Graffiti poster:

Finally, More American Graffiti is now available on DVD. You can get it seperately HERE but there is also a 2-pack of both films in one package available! Please buy through the links here to support my site.

American Graffiti has been released as a Special Edition DVD! The disc contains the film remastered and in anamorphic widescreen. It also has some nice features, including the original theatrical trailer and a new documentary by Laurent Bouzereau. The documentary has new interviews with lots of the cast and crew, including George Lucas, as well as some of the original screentests and behind-the-scenes footage. Unfortunately, More American Graffiti is not available on DVD, but it was re-released on video cassette in 1998 at a modest price. Considering this film is a little hard to find at most Blockbuster rental stores, your best bet to get to see this movie is to actually buy it. Click on the links below to purchase either films from Amazon.

There is also a very nice double-disc CD with all 41 of the songs from American Graffiti. There is also a more affordable truncated version with just one cd.