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          Although the Ewoks and Droids cartoons were quite a bit less memorable than Star Wars' other spin-offs (the two Ewoks movies and Star Tours), both series provided valuable entertainment to the small screen. The Ewoks and Droids series weren't the first time Star Wars hit the animation medium. In 1978, Nelvana Studios produced the 11-minute Star Wars animated segment for the Star Wars Holiday Special. A few years later, in 1985, the same studio produced 13 Droids episodes and 13 Ewoks episodes (1 season is usually composed of 13 episodes). Both series ran on ABC, and had a mediocre success. However, both series costed an enormous amount of money per episode, because of a large cel count, and one problem lead to another... After the first season, Lucasfilm and ABC decided to scrap the Droids series, but go on with another season of Ewoks. However, the second season didn't arrive without any changes. The themesong was changed, most episodes were split into two 11-minute segments, several new characters were introduced, several characters were scrapped (such as Asha, Kneesaa's sister), and the overall show became 'cuter'. But this didn't stop ABC from doing a third season. After 26 episodes, Ewoks, too, was cancelled.

          But the Ewoks and Droids series didn't stay at 39 TV episodes. Unsuccessfull merchandising appeared everywhere, too. Lunch boxes, toys, clothes, coloring books and more appeared all over the US, but as with the series, it didn't manage to sell.

          The series wasn't a success, financially. And it probably wasn't a success critically either. But it was quality entertainment and the highest quality animation for that time. They still air sometimes on the Sci-Fi Channel, and some have been released on video several times. If you would like to know how the Ewoks and Droids episodes came to be, read the Star Wars Insider article here. Because the Ewoks and Droids cartoons have been somewhat ignored from the Star Wars universe, we present this little tribute, with episode guides, snapshots, multimedia, and more!

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