A lot of people ask me where to find the Ewok Adventure and Battle for Endor for sale on video. Here are the details: Both films are currently OUT OF PRINT. They are no longer being made, and probably will not be made for several more years. But don't worry. There are still plenty of USED videos for sale, with the original video sleeves still intact. You can easily find them on eBay! at good prices. Hit this link or the one above to go to eBay. You'll also be able to find episodes of the Ewoks and Droids cartoon series. It's quick and easy to sign up if you haven't already. Some advice: $20 is a modest price for each video. My advise is that you do not go above this; don't forget to check what the seller charges for shipping, either. If you haven't signed up for eBay yet, I would certainly appreciate it if you could do it through the link above. Doing so will help me pay for this site's hosting fees. Thanks, and bid with your head, not over it.