The section I am most proud of!  Several actors and authors have been friendly enough to take the time to do an interview with me for

Interviewee Date Description
-Eric Walker


Eric Walker played Mace Towani (the original Mace) in The Ewok Adventure and briefly in Battle For Endor. Although he was the main character in the first Ewok movie, he was killed off at the start of the second. He reveals why, as well as what he has been up to in the last few years and a whole lot more!
-Don Pedro Colley


Don Pedro Colley is the actor who played the Hologram SRT in George Lucas's original masterpiece THX 1138. He also was in Beneath the Planet of the Apes and had a recurring role in The Dukes of Hazzard!
-Dan Wallace


Dan Wallace wrote 'The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons', and the upcoming 'The Essential Guide to Droids', and 'The Essential Guide to Chronology', the last of which he wrote together with Kevin J. Anderson. He also wrote the upcoming 'What's What in The Phantom Menace', due in May. Dan Wallace answered questions about his books and Episode I in the LucasFan chatroom.
-Femi Taylor


Femi Taylor is the actress who played Oola, Jabba's dancer, in Return of the Jedi.
-Michael Sheard


Michael Sheard played Admiral Ozzel in Empire Strikes Back, played Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, had a part in Raiders of the Lost Ark, worked with Harrison Ford on Force 10 From Navarone, and has done lots more!
-Denny Delk


Denny Delk, a voice-over actor, has worked on many Lucasfilm projects, including the Star Wars movies, More American Graffiti, and Howard the Duck.  He provided the voice of Wicket in the second season of the Ewoks cartoon series, and has worked on just about all the LucasArts video games, too!
-Steve Perry May 97 A log from a chat that I arranged long ago in 1997.  There are a lot of questions in this log, and we asked them and Steve answered them at an enormously quick speed over one hour - so I think this is just about the most extensive interview you'll find with the author of Shadows of the Empire anywhere!

I always find it very interesting to get in touch with Star Wars or Indiana Jones or Lucasfilm-related people, to ask them questions and share them with you.  If you know someone who I might want to interview, or if you are someone who I might like to interview, contact me.  I wish to thank the interviewees I've had so far for doing an interview for