The Battle For Endor took place a few years after Return of the Jedi.  Although it isn't really a battle for Endor, it is a battle between the Ewoks and the Marauders of the Endor moon.  After Cindel and the Ewoks are rescued from the Marauders' castle, a dreadful war breaks out.  The most interesting part of this war are the sand areas of Endor that weren't explored in Return of the Jedi or The Ewok Adventure.  

As the Marauders follow the Ewoks into the woods, the actual fight breaks out.  However, the fight originates in the Marauders' castle.  After King Terak and his men captured Cindel Towani and the Ewoks, they had a force to rely on.  Wicket, Teek, and Noa came to rescue them.  After they were rescued, and did lots of damage, the Ewoks escaped into the forest, with the Marauders following on their tails.  In the picture to the right, you can see the Marauders and their Dewback-like creatures (called Blurrgs) following the Ewoks into the woods.

What is seen in these pictures is very odd.  Endor has always been described as a Forest Moon.  Although it is possible that there might be several dry and empty spots in that climate, it seems a little unusual.  However, it does symbolize the effects that the Marauders had on Endor.  The Marauders arrived on Endor many generations before, and have tried to leave ever since.  They attacked all visitors and stole all their weapons.  However, they weren't intelligent enough to use the weapons and spacecraft, so they were only stuck with it.  Even the generator that Terak stole from the Towani's remained unused by them for the simple reason that they aren't smart enough to use it.

The snapshot to the right was also included in the Battle For Endor commercial.  Notice the snow on the mountaintops.  This truly isn't very typical of Endor.
A Guide To The Star Wars Universe Second Edition, Revised and Expanded by Bill Slavicsek from Del Rey Science Fiction publishing gives a complete description of Endor:
"The Endor star system was selected as the construction site of the second Death Star battle station.  The insignificant, out-of-the-way system had few planets and no major spaceports or travel routes, making it an ideal location for the secret Imperial Project.  It became famous later as the system in which the alliance finally won the Galactic Civil War by destroying the second Death Star, killing the Emperor, and scaterring the remnants of the Imperial fleet.

"The system was named for its primary planet.  Endor's moon is home to vast forests of giant trees, many predator species, and the tribal, tree-dwelling Ewoks.  Three other planets orbit the system's ancient sun, but they are too far from its warm rays to support life.  All three are rich in minerals and ores, and Imperial mining operations here once provided the materials necessary to build the second Death Star.  By the time of the New Republic, only one mining operation remained active.  It resides on only one mining operation remained active.  It resides on the planet nearest Endor's moon, a large, dark orb designated Eloggi.  A Sullustan company runs the operation under a charter granted by the New Republic.  
According to the Ewok animated television series, Endor is a small moon that orbits around the planet Tana.  A second, smaller moon also spins around Tana.  Tana itself orbits a binary sun."

As the Battle for Endor moves from the dry sand area to the forest, the Ewoks are more at home, and know how to fight better.  The Ewoks use their primitive weapons and knowledge to fight the Marauders who really aren't at ease in the forest.  They are used to attacking, but they aren't used to being attacked, and being awaited to attack.  Primarily due to this, the Marauders loose the battle with the death of King Terak, as depicted in the images below.

One of the interesting aspects of Battle For Endor is the presence of Dewback-like creatures called Blurrgs that are used by the Marauders.  The stop-motion creatures were seen earlier on in the movie when they were pulling the coaches with Cindel and the Ewoks.  As they follow the Ewoks into the woods, two smart Ewoks start a fire between one of the Blurrg's toes, causing them to run away.  The second picture above is a pretty funny look at a laser shot still in motion, and the third one is of Noa's spaceship firing off the enemies so Noa can get the generator to work so he and Cindel can leave Endor.
Below is the a shot of the death of King Terak.  You can view more pictures of King Terak's battle with Noa in the CAST section of this page.