The Ewok village is seen only at the beginning of the movie, when the Marauders attack and plunder the village, kidnapping all the Ewoks and killing Cindel's family.  The village, however is very much different from the one seen in Return of the Jedi.  It is not located in the trees, but instead on the ground, and the forest looks more like woods, with a lower density of plants and trees.

The first scenes introducing the Ewok Village are of destruction.  The moment Wicket and Cindel found out that there was trouble and arrived there, they immediately found it half destructed.  Notice the coned tepee-like huts on the ground.  What happened to the village that was up in the trees?  They were in Return of the Jedi and the Ewoks Saturday morning series - so why not here?  The lack of a big budget (although for a television movie this was a very large budget) and the fact that it would be hardly possible to have the Marauders attack the village in the trees may explain this.  The area looks more like it's in the woods rather than a big forest, and it's a lot less greener than in Return of the Jedi.

Another odd happening in the story is the death of Cindel's mother
and father.Even worse is that her brother dies, too!  Remember
that he even was the main character in the Ewok Adventure. He
was the hopefull hero in the first Ewok installment, and he is exactly
what is missing from Battle For Endor. Without him, there is no
real Luke Skywalker type hero. In my opinion, Lucas and Jim and
Ken Wheat should have had the Marauders kill the ever-annoying
Cindel instead of Mace.

Right next the Ewok village stands the Towani's stranded spaceship
As Cindel arrives there, her father tells her to run away, which she
does. Shortly after that, her father is killed. Charal, the evil witch
captures Cindel, and brings her to the other Ewoks in the coach
pulled by Blurrgs. Wicket and Cindel are the only ones small
enough to escape, so they do so. The Blurrgs almost step on
them, but they escape... only to be followed by two Marauders who
saw them escape. They run off into the woods until they find a
mountain, and that is where they stay for the night.