After Cindel and Wicket escape from the Marauders, they head into the woods, and try to flee into a nearby mountain.  They are still chased by two Marauders which they hadn't gotten rid of along the way.

Wicket and Cindel rush out of the forest to the mountain, with the hopes of escaping the two Marauders that are chasing them.  The mountain is yet another element we hadn't seen on the Endor moon, along with the desert-area and the ground-huts.
After the clumsy Marauders fall off the mountain while trying to climb it, Wicket and Cindel escape into a cave to overnight. Wicket finds an old kite and tries to fix it, while Cindel goes to sleep. As Wicket is working on the kite, a dragon -the original resident of the cave- returns and attacks him. Cindel and Wicket, try to escape, but the dragon captures Cindel and flies off.

As Wicket, with lots of trouble, finally flies into the air, he manages to save Cindel from the dragon and even bring her to land. They are once again in the forest, and totally lost. They escape into a hollow tree to stay for the night. The next day they meet the very speedy Teek, and his master Noa.

Click here to download part of the Dragon Mountain scene, showing Wicket fighting off the Dragon. (5683027 Bytes - .mov format)