The following is a plot description from the Internet Movie Database ( by R. Kessen:

The army of the Marauders, led by by King Terak and the witch Charal attack the Ewoks village. The parents and the brother of Cindel all die in this attack. Cindel and the Ewok Wicket escape and in a forrest they meet Teek a naughty and very fast animal. Teek takes them to a house in which a old man, Noa, lives. Like Cindel he also crashed with his Starcruiser on Endor. Together they fight Terak and Charal.

Wouter wrote this more extensive plot description:

Wicket had been taught the basics of the English language and became the best of friends with Cindel. Just when she and her family were about to leave the planet Endor, the evil Marauders, led by King Terak and the witch Charal attack the Ewoks, destroying their village and killing Cindels family. They were looking for 'the hidden ship' and stole the crystal oscillator from their star cruiser which Terak believes, contains magic.

Not long after Cindel and Wicket were captured, they managed to escape through the bottom of the cart they were being held captive in. The Marauders spotted them before they could get far. The two friends were chased into a cave. They escaped through the opposite only to find themselves on the edge of a cliff. They made a fire and Cindel fell asleep, while Wicket was making a glider of the bones lying around. Then he faced a condor dragon, which grabbed Cindel and flew away. Wicket was able to save Cindel from the claws of the condor dragon by using his glider.

They kept looking until they found a safe cave to sleep in. When they did, they immediately fell asleep. The next morning they continued through the forests, where they came across a fast, furry creature known as Teek. He brought them to his human companion, Noa. Noa, though hostile at first, eventually accepts the two strangers in his home and becomes their friend. Noa had also crashed on the forest planet and needed a crystal oscillator to escape the forest. Wicket and Cindel stay with Noa and Teek for a few days.

One morning Cindel woke up and heard a voice, calling her name. Cindel thought it was her mother and went looking for her. She got caught in a trap by the beauty of a maiden. As Cindel got closer, the maiden changed her shape back into the ugly Charal. Cindel was taken to the Marauder castle and locked up. Noa and Teek, led by Wicket rescued Cindel and the rest of the Ewoks from the dungeon. Once there, Noa found a crystal oscillator, which he looked for 30 years. They made a plan to get back to the ship, but they were overheard by Charal.

She gathered her troops and led them to Noa's star cruiser. A battle of life and death. Wicket was caught in a trap but was freed by Cindel and Deej. Shortly after Wicket was freed, Cindel got caught by King Terak. Wicket picked up a stone and pulled out his slingshot, With his excellent aim, Wicket slung the rock and hit the metal ring around Terak's neck. The force of the rock broke the ring, turning Terak into stone, and trapping Charal in the form of a raven. The Marauders were unorganized without their leader and fled into the woods. Noa and Cindel made the decision to leave Endor by using the crystal oscillator. Just before they took off, Cindel promised to return one day.