Art Carney

Art Carney plays Saundan, a shopkeeper and the Correllian friend of the Wookiee family.  He owns a shop, and delivers products too.  In his introduction scene to the special, an Imperial enters his store, and Zondar shows him lots of stupid futuristic gadgets, such as a compact aquarium.  He also saves the Wookiee family from being searched when the Stormtrooper is missing at the end.  Most of all, you'll be happy to see Carney's stupid acts throughout the entire show, which will satisfy any Honeymooners fan.



A while ago I sent Art Carney a letter to request an autograph, and to ask him if he could tell me a little bit more about the Star Wars Holiday Special from his point of view.  A week after I sent it I got two inscribed autographs.  He didn't write me anything about the Holiday Special, but I mentioned in my letter the URL of the Star Wars Holiday Special webpage, and also my e-mail address, so I hope he took a look at the webpage.  Click on the images below to view them larger, in their original sizes).