Diahann Carroll

One of the least entertaining performances through which you'd most certainly Fast-Forward is the appearance of Diahan Carroll.  Carroll is the fantasy of old Itchy.  Itchy is given a 'fantasy machine' for Life Day by Art Carney.  He immediately uses it by sticking his head in it.  His fantasy is a woman who does everything that the Wookiee fantasizes.  And what does the old Wookiee tell her to do?  Sing!  The song itself is fairly nice, only because nothing happens in the clip it is extremely boring.  Even though Diahan Carroll is a great singer, this scene is one of the least interesting, although it IS interesting to know what old Wookiees think about at night - although... that's not something I want to think about right now...


I recently wrote Diahann Carroll a letter, to request an autograph and some information on the Holiday Special from her point of view.  However, the address I sent to:

Diahann Carroll
P.O.Box 2999
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Only the address didn't work - the box was closed, so the letter was returned.  Does anyone have a correct address for Ms. Carroll?
Please e-mail me if you can help me out, and all help will be very much appreciated.