Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman plays several roles in the show.  He is one of the few who actually bring comedy to the show.  You'll remember him best as Chef Gormaanda, the host of a tv cooking show, which Malla watches.  Here he wears a pink, woman-like suit.  Near the end of the segment, revealed is that he actually has more than two arms.  He is in fact an alien with a multitude of tentacles.  Secondly, he is also an Amorphian Being, the host of the defective instruction program for Lumpy's receiver.  The machine was thrown on the floor by some Imperials, and so the program doesn't work well.  Harvey keeps repeating both words and movements.  Thirdly, he also plays Krelman, the want-to-be lover of Ackmena (Bea Arthur) in the Cantina.  Here he also is an alien. Instead of drinking through his mouth, he drinks through the top of his head by pouring the liquid into a small hole.  Korman brightens up the show, thankfully, through these three performances.



I wrote Harvey Korman a letter to ask his opinion on the Star Wars Holiday Special.  He didn't respond to my letter, but he did send this autographed picture: