The Tree of Light

by Bob Carrau, originally aired on 10/12/85
review by Michael Streeter

Wicket's brother Willy and Chief Chirpa
Umwak, the Dulok shaman (left) and Weechee (right)

A big storm hits the forest, and the Ewoks must travel to the Tree of Lights, because the winds are almost fading it. Logray gives the warrior a magic lantern that leads them to the Tree. Weechee (Wicket and Willy’s older brother) is the Ewok who is leading the quest. However, the Dulok shaman also realizes that the Tree of Lights is fading. If it were to fade out, the Ewoks wouldn’t have their power anymore, and King Gorneesh would become ruler of the forest. So the Duloks are racing the Ewoks to cut the tree down.

Princess Kneesaa wrestles King Gorneesh

Wicket, Latara, and Kneesaa have to stay behind, but Wicket secretly follows the Ewok warriors. Along the way, Willy, who holds the lantern, drops it, and Wicket, who is only a little behind them, catches it before it drops into a river. So they let Wicket come with them.
Even farther behind the warrior Ewoks, Kneesaa and Latara are trying to follow, too.
Meanwhile, the Dulok shaman and his nephew are trying to find the tree, too. The whole gang (the warriors, the girls, and the Duloks) enters a cave, to search for the tree. Kneesaa and Latara accidentally catch the Duloks, and the warriors witness it. So for their bravery, they let the girls come with them, too.
The lantern points the Ewoks out of the cave.
Just as the Ewoks have almost reached the mountain of light (which has the tree in it), they find out that King Gorneesh and his entire Dulok gang are following just behind them. The Duloks, in greater numbers, capture the Ewoks, and steal the bottle of magic potion that is needed to ‘cure’ the Tree of Lights. The Duloks tied the Ewoks up with ropes, and stole all their food. They overlooked Wicket and Kneesaa, so when the Duloks left, they immediately followed them.
The other Ewoks were strong enough to untie themselves, and follow behind the Duloks, Wicket, and Kneesaa. Meanwhile, at the mountain of lights, Wicket and Kneesaa attack King Gorneesh, and steal back the bottle of magic potion. Wicket runs up the mountain, with the Duloks following just behind him. He throws the bottle at the dead tree, and it immediately it lights up again. The Duloks, who can’t stand the light, run off.
The Ewoks go back to the village, and there they are awarded with silver feathers.

Wicket with the flask