The Land of the Gupins

by Bob Carrau, originally aired on 10/26/85
review by Michael Streeter

Kneesaa and Wicket (left) come across a Gupin (right)
Weechee, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo meet the Gupin

Wicket and his gang, while running through the forest, finds his good Gupin friend, and the Gupin does some magic tricks to amuse the Ewoks. However, the Gupin changes into a bird, and flies off, but gets caught in a spider web. The Ewoks follow him, and get caught, too. They get flinged away out of the web, and then come across the Gupin's brother. The Gupin finds out that his energy is decreasing, and that he has to attend an energy renewal ceremony in their Gupin land. The Gupin brother tells the Gupin that there might not be a renewal ceremony, because a group of evil monsters called grass trekkers have taken the key that is needed for the renewal process.

The Gupin king (top), and the Ewoks in
their canoes (bottom)

Since the Gupin had saved Deej life a few episodes ago, the elders let the young Ewoks go out and try to recapture the key. The Ewoks traveled the river using their canoes, and went to the Gupin's land. However, at one point, the river ended. But thanks to the Gupins' magical powers, the Gupins were able to fly the canoes to dry land.

The Gupins tell the Ewoks where the grass trekkers' shrine is, and that is where the key is. The Ewoks and the Gupins disguise themselves as a grass trekker, and enter the shrine. Teebo and one of the Gupins enter the grass trekkers' temple where the key is located at. The Gupin finds the key, and they leave. Using a giant insect befriended to the Gupins, the gang escapes. But when they reached safe grounds, they realize that the grass trekkers have followed them. With the grass trekkers on their trail, the Ewoks barely make it to the land of the Gupins. They locked the giant doors to the land just before the grass trekkers could enter, but the doors wouldn't hold them for long. The trekkers bust through the doors, and just as that happens, the key breaks. The Gupin uses his hand, however, as a key, and opens the chest, and lets all the Gupins regain their powers, and beat the grass trekkers. The land elects the Gupin to be the king of the town. That evening, all the Ewoks and Gupins celebrate.