The Three Lessons

by Bob Carrau, originally aired on 11/16/85
review by Michael Streeter

Chief Chirpa and his daughter, and the magic potion is accidentally poured on the plant
It's the attack of the killer plant! And the Ewoks run away from it

The young Ewoks are all outside playing, while Kneesaa has to study. She goes outside anyway, and accidentally drops a bottle containing a magical potion. The potion drops on a small plant, and Kneesaa doesn't notice it, and goes outside to play with the other Ewoks.

The plant grows to be a giant Venus flytrap stranglethorn plant, and almost destroys the village. Logray tells Kneesaa about an anecdote potion, which she must find. She brings Wicket along with her.

They look for their first ingredient, a pearl-like substance that large insects carry around. To get one of those pearls, they go to the palace of the insects. They barely escape the palace with one pearl. They fall into a pool of sticky goo that surrounds the palace, but they manage to get out of it anyway.

Meanwhile, at the Ewok village, the plant vines are really causing a stir by attacking all the Ewoks. They need the potion very quickly before anything bad happens.

Wicket and Kneesaa find their second ingredient, although they are chased away immediately by a giant woodpecker. They escape once again, and go on to look for the third ingredient. On their way they find three little bearded guys, called Tromes. The Tromes, who live in a hollow tree, try to stop Wicket and Kneesaa from picking the last branch off their tree (which is the third ingredient). The Ewoks return to their village without the branch, but with the three Tromes. The village is really in chaos with the giant Venus plant vines.

Logray mentions that there is a prepared batch of the anecdote in his hut, but because it is totally surrounded by the vines, they can't get it. The Tromes and Wicket trick the plant vines and get the potion, while Kneesaa saves the little Ewoks who were stuck in the top of a tree surrounded by vines.

Wicket and the Tromes feed the plant the potion, and the plant shrinks. Kneesaa saves the little Ewoks using the sticky goo shoes she had used earlier to climb the palace.

Kneesaa realized the lessons she learned.