Sunstar vs. Shadowstone

by Paul Dini, originally aired on 11/2/85
review by Michael Streeter

Chief Chirpa briefs the young Ewoks
Teebo and Wicket consult Logray

The Ewoks are gathered in front of Chief Chirpa's hut, where Chirpa tells about the Sunstar, and tells how it has a power that the Ewoks never use, because it is too overwhelming. He tells that one Ewok once tried to use the power, combined it with Morag's Shadowstone (which is just as powerful), and used those combined powers to defeat the witch Morag (explaining why Morag wanted 'revenge' on Logray in the first episode). He pointed out that the Ewok was Logray.

Teebo, who is Master Logray's apprentice, is intimidated by the power of the Sunstar. Teebo makes an enormous mess in Logray's hut, and uses magic to clean it up. Logray doesn't like the idea, and points out to Teebo that he has to do it without magic.

Later that day, Wicket, Teebo, Kneesaa, and Latara go out to play. Teebo brings with him a little bag with some magic, and plays around with it.

Morag, the witch, leads the Ewoks into a cave, where she is disguised as a beautiful woman. She breaks Teebo's magic staff, and lets the Ewoks do hard work. She sends a message to Logray, that she has the Ewoks, and Logray takes his Sunstar and heads towards the cave.

As Logray enters the stone, Morag puts a spell on him, and makes him very weak. Due to all the magical mayhem, Morag's cave falls apart. Logray drops his Sunstar, and Morag picks it up, putting the Sunstar and the Shadowstone together. Now Morag is more powerful than ever. However, Logray uses his the power in his staff, and Morag turns into stone, and crashes in. Logray captures both the Sunstar and the Shadowstone, forgives Teebo for his mistakes, and heads back to the village, and tells some more stories to the Ewoks.