by Paul Dini, originally aired on 11/30/85
review by Michael Streeter

The Duloks are trying to catch animals, and the Ewoks try to stop them
The Ewoks see a 'red ghost'

The Ewoks are relaxing in the quiet deep forest, when they suddenly hear the Duloks, which are chasing a mountain goat. They chase the goat quite a bit, but then a 'red ghost' appears, and scares them away. The Ewoks go to the goat, still tied up in ropes, and get her loose. But the 'red ghost' thinks that they are trying to hurt the goat. She gives out some battle cries, and the Ewoks flee.

The Ewoks return to the village, and Wicket tells Kneesaa about the 'red ghost'. It was actually an Ewok with red fur. Kneesaa runs to her hut, crying, and tells Wicket what happened. Kneesaa (just a little baby) and her mother and her red-furred sister called Asha, were out walking through the forest. A monster attacks the family, and Kneesaa's mother died trying to fight off the monster, while Asha disappeared.

That night, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Baga (Wicket's pet Bordok) go off to find Asha. They travel through snow, and find another Ewok, who wants to guide them back to the village. A group of wild animals try to attack them, but Asha saves them. Asha and Kneesaa finally meet, and catch up with eachother. Asha explains how she became lost: when the animal attacked, her mother told her to go to the other side of the river, where it would be safe. But she couldn't swim, so she became lost. She tells that she has been freeing the animals from the Duloks traps. The Duloks try to catch all kinds of animals for their furs.

The next day, the gang finds the Duloks attacking an animal for its fur. Asha frees the animal, but gets caught by the Duloks in the process. But Asha escapes, all by herself, and scares the Duloks away. The Duloks even promise that they will never again hunt in the area.

That evening, Asha, Kneesaa, and Wicket return to the village. Chief Chirpa (Kneesaa and Asha's father) is reunited with Asha again! The episode seems to be a bit of a Christmas episode, due to all the snow and the family theme.