Wicket's Wagon

by Paul Dini, originally aired on 11/9/85
review by Michael Streeter

Chief Chirpa (left) and the ghost of Erpham Warrick (right)
Teebo and Weechee won't help help Wicket, so he is out on his own

Wicket, Willy, and Weechee are walking through the rainy forest, when they come across an old battle wagon that once belonged to their great-grandfather, Erpham Warrick. The battle wagon was used long ago to win a war between the Ewoks and the Duloks.

Wicket wants to rebuild the battle wagon, but Willy and Weechee aren't interested in helping him. So he gets Malani and Baga (Wicket's pet Bordok, which is a horse-like creature) to help him.

The Duloks find out about the rebuilding of the ancient battle wagon, so King Gorneesh sends Umwak, the Dulok shaman, to steal it from them, because the wagon has many great powers, that would aid them in conquering the forest. However, they decide to wait until Wicket finishes rebuilding it.

Wicket just about finished fixing up the battle wagon, when the Duloks attack and steal the wagon.

Wicket tells Chief Chirpa and Logray. They get mad at Wicket for trying to rebuild it without the help of his brothers, so the disappointed Wicket goes out for a walk. He comes across his great-grandfather's old tree. Wicket starts talking to the tree, and then the ghost of his great-grandfather appears, and tells Wicket that he should steal back the battle wagon. He disguises himself as a Dulok, and tries to get the Duloks to let him use the wagon. The plan doesn't, and the Duloks take Wicket prison.

The Duloks drive the battle wagon toward the Soul Trees, to destroy them. The Ewoks fight back, and a great war begins. Malani and Baga free Wicket, and kick all the Duloks (except for King Gorneesh) off the battle wagon. Wicket pulls a lever that lets the entire battle wagon collapse. Wicket and Malani just barely escape the collapse by jumping on Baga. The battle wagon is destroyed, and the Duloks run off.

Back at the forest, the Ewoks rebuild the battle wagon for Wicket. The ghost Erpham Warrick returns, and calls him a hero.