Rampage of the Phlogs

by Paul Dini, originally aired on 9/21/85
review by Michael Streeter

The baby Phlog, with its mother, and by itself
Morag and King Gorneesh also become involved

Kneesaa and Latara are sailing on a float on the river. They are discussing how much Latara likes Teebo, and in the meantime two giant Phlogs accidentally knock them in the water.

Kneesaa on a tree

The elder Phlogs plot revenge

Kneesaa and Latara immediately return to the village, where Logray tells them about the Phlogs. They are peaceful creatures travelling through the forest, and the Ewoks must stay out of their way and mustn’t make them mad, otherwise they will become dangerous.
The smallest member of the Phlogs, a baby Phlog, is kidnapped by the evil Morag. The Phlogs go off looking for him, but aren’t successful. In the meantime, Morag brings the baby Phlog to the Duloks, and asks them to take care of it.
In the Ewok village, Malani, a little Ewok, is lost, and Wicket and the gang go off searching for her. They run into the Phlogs, who in turn are looking for their baby Phlog. The Phlogs throw the Ewoks into the river, and dissappear down the stream.
At the Duloks’ hideout, King Gorneesh has to change baby Phlog’s diaper. Gorneesh ties the baby to a tree trunk, and leaves… A second later, after Gorneesh has left, the Phlog escapes, and runs away. Along the way, he meets Malani, and they run off together. They find the other Ewoks, but unfortunately, the baby and Malani run off again, back to the Duloks’ hideout.Wicket, Teebo, Kneesaa, and Latara follow them, and then are captured by the Duloks. The Ewoks are sentenced to work on keeping the hideaway clean, but they develop a plan to escape, and the plan works successfully!
Meanwhile, the Phlogs are trying to enter the Ewok village. The Ewoks have put up ‘roadblocks’ and try to stop the Phlogs from entering their habitat. The Phlogs are about to throw over a big tree that would destroy everything, but Wicket and the gang arrive just in time with the baby, and once again save the day. At the end of the episode, Morag visits the Duloks, and punishes them for letting the Ewoks and the baby Phlog escape, and, at the Ewok village, the Phlogs say goodbye to the Ewoks, and leave.

Kneesaa escapes on a floating log (left) and King Gorneesh has to change the baby Phlog's diaper (right)