To Save Deej

by Bob Carrau, originally aired on 9/28/85
review by Michael Streeter

Deej and Chief Chirpa, and Wicket and the red-haired Gupin

While browsing through the forest, Wicket’s father Deej falls over a treetrunk, and falls into a tree covered with a strange mushroom-type growth. Deej comes in contact with it, and becomes very ill. A strange creature called a Gupin, who happened to be in the neighborhood, caused the whole ordeal, and was blamed for it.
The Ewoks go to Logray’s hut, where Logray tells Wicket about several ingredients that he has to gather, that will serve as a cure for Logray’s illness. Wicket and his brother goofy brother Willy, along with their oldest brother Weechee, split up and go look for the ingredients.
Willy finds his ingredient, a feather in an enormous bird’s nest, first, but gets caught in the bird’s nest. While Wicket is searching for the star urchin (the ingredient he has to look for), he finds the Gupin tied to a tree, captured by several odd-looking creatures. Wicket frees the Gupin, and the two escape together. Coincidentally, Wicket finds the star urchin at the same time. After that, Weechee starts for his ingredient behind a waterfall, but falls into the water. Logray sees that Weechee and Willy are in trouble through his ‘crystal ball’, and sends Wicket, Teebo, and the Gupin to save them.
They save Willy, and then immediately go on to save Weechee. They get him out of the water, but then they are surrounded by a bunch of gator-like creatures called ‘frosch’. The Gupin magically transforms himself into a big bird, and flies Willy, Wicket, and Weechee away from the frosch. They are just in time to give Logray the ingredients to save Deej, and barely save him.

Wicket (above) and his brother Willy (below)

The Gupin (left), and Weechee (right)
Deej and Shodu (Wicket's parents), and Wicket with his eyes shut