The Cries of the Trees

by Paul Dini, originally aired on 9/7/85
review by Michael Streeter

Kneesaa, Wicket, Teebo, and Latara running an important errand
Chief Chirpa (left) and Weechee (right)

It hasn’t rained in the forest in a while, and the tribe is afraid of a forest fire. Wicket, Kneesaa, Teebo, and Latara, while running an errand, meet the Firefolk, a peaceful group of firefly elves. A witch named Morag tries to catch the elves. They escape, but she manages to capture one. Meanwhile, Logray and Chief Chirpa are trying to develop some alternative methods to prevent a forest fire.

The young Ewoks get back the next morning, and Paploo (Kneesaa’s cousin) takes them to play a game away in the forest, while they are supposed to be working. Wicket’s aunt catches them in the act, and sentences them back to work.
In the meantime, at Morag’s cave, Morag’s spider helpers bring in the Dulok shaman (wizard/medicine man). Together with him, Morag plans revenge on her archrival Logray, and uses the magical firefly that she captured, along with some magic, to bring. She turns the fly into a possessed firespreading beast, and each other firefly that it touches, becomes evil… The flies spread fire at the place where Wicket, Paploo, and the gang were working, and when the elder Ewoks come, they blame it on the young Ewoks. They are not allowed to go to the party that was to be held that evening, and had to go to bed early.
That evening, all the young Ewoks have the same dream - that the Soul Trees, all burnt up, were calling them for help. They all wake up at the same time, and look out of their windows, finding the forest covered with fire.
They immediately notify the Ewok warriors. Coincidentally, one of the fireflies drops into their hut. Wicket sprays some water over her, and the spell is ‘flushed’ out of her. They then find out about Morag’s plan. They then go to the party, and tell Logray and Chirpa about the fire. Thanks to a great team effort, the Ewoks manage to somewhat keep the fire under control with the forest fire prevention technique (a magical foam that gets rid of it) that Logray and Chirpa had developed earlier. With their Ewok Gliders, Wicket and the gang drop water balloons (filled with the foam, rather) all over the forest. Wicket even saves his aunt, with whom he had a quarrel earlier that day.
The forest is damaged a bit, but luckily it starts raining, so the Soul Trees can grow again.

Wicket and Kneesaa are washing Baga, their pet Bordok

The evil witch Morag