The Crystal Cloak

by Paul Dini, originally aired on 9/13/86
review by Michael Streeter



The second season has made Wicket a bit older. In the beginning of this episode, Wicket is crowned as a warrior trainee in the village. He is given a silver feather, and now has to protect the Sunstar and the Ewok village from the Duloks. But first he has to become a real warrior, and that takes about a week. He has to find the Crystal Cloak, which is on the floating mountain.

Meanwhile, Teebo is still training to become an Ewok wizard. He tells Kneesaa about the Crystal Cloak, and Kneesaa goes out to seek it, following Wicket. The Cloak is at the floating mountain, in which the evil Gracca lives. Everything Gracca touches becomes crystal.

The gang meets up, and they enter the floating mountain, where Gracca awaits them. Gracca flies around the mountain, with the Cloak around him. Using a whip, Kneesaa 'whips' the Cloak off of him. Gracca crashes into his own crystal palace, and the palace collapses.