The Wish Plant

by Bob Carrau, originally aired on 9/13/86
review by Michael Streeter



Kneesaa becomes a gardener, but all her plants keep dying. However, it is Autumn, so there is a reason for it. She becomes very disappointed, but then the Leaf Queen appears, and gives Kneesaa a plant to take care of. Kneesaa takes her plant with her and falls into a pool of mud. She then wishes she had a comb, and the plant gives it to her. She then finds out that the plant is a wish plant - it gives her anything she wants. Latara is jealous, and steals the plant from her. She wishes for beautiful clothes, and gets them. Then Wicket steals the plant, and he wishes for something that'll get him his belt of honor. The plant gives him a 'do-it-yourself warrior kit'. Immediately after that, Teebo steals the plant. Then Kneesaa steals it, and then Wicket steals it. The Ewoks run around with the plant, but then suddenly they drop it, and the plant is nearly destroyed. The Leaf Queen returns, and tells Kneesaa that she'll be in big trouble if she doesn't have the plant by sundown.

The Ewoks try to make the plant better again, but even with Teebo's magic, it doesn't work. Meanwhile, Wicket and Baga find a replacement plant. But an insect who lived in the plant scares Wicket away, and they lose the plant.

Just as the Leaf Queen is about to return, Kneesaa apologizes to the plant, and says she loves it. The plant grows again, the Leaf Queen returns, and finds the plant as good as new!