Here's the translation from Mad Movies #28, October 1983, p 32. Most of the article is about the three movies, includes some data on Lucas' primary ideas (Flash Gordon movie, Starkiller, etc...). There's only a small part about the SWHS, which is the following.

THE COMMERCIAL EMPIRE. By Bertrand COLLETTE, translated by Jérôme WICKY

Even before the pre-production of The Empire Strikes Back would begin, the "STAR WARS" myth had developed at a tremendous speed; of course, the most obvious "merchandising" (in english in the text) aspects of the movie represented a spearhead for the ESB promotion campaign, though they were denigrated by Lucas. But the SW craze also resulted in the release of a special Star Wars TV show (produced by CBS and aired in France three years ago under the title "Au Temps de La Guerre des Etoiles"-"In the Time of Star Wars"), which was meant to be a sequel to the mythos created in the first movie: one can only deplore the loss of seriousness in this piece of work, constantly wavering from parody to pastiche, and thus only achieving to ridicule Lucas' characters (a concrete example is Chewbacca's family, which could have been a good idea, but looks rather like Daddy Chewbacca smoking his pipe, Mommy Chewbacca knitting and Junior swearing that from now on, he will only accept to be directed by George Lucas! Well, this scene was maybe not THAT outrageous, but...)