Boba Fett toon at theaters?  A Theory...
by Aaron Snyder.  5/23/98

I was watching the Star Wars Holiday Special today and, aside from enjoying

all those nostalgic, witty moments I noticed something fairly interesting.

When Lumpy watches the Boba Fett cartoon, he watches it on a monitor that's

shaped like a movie screen. The show appears to be letterboxed. When the

cartoon is shown on my screen (the tv screen) the picture, instead of being

letterboxed or cropped for pan and scan, is squeezed together to fit the tv

screen (this was common back then). Since this is letterboxed would this mean

that the Boba Fett cartoon was meant to be shown in theaters as a featurrette,

like the Roger Rabbit cartoon infront of Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Perhaps it

was meant to be shown before a rerelease of SW to try and get people to see it

again. But since I've never heard about it being shown before SW (or anyother

movie) before I assume it was never shown in theaters (and doesn't the HS

announcer say that it had never been shown before?). It's possible that when

it was finished, GL nixed it being shown in theaters so Fox, who had spent a

good deal of money on the cartoon, decided to try to earn some of their $ back

by putting it in the Holiday Special (you'll notice that the cartoon doesn't

really fit in the special and it seems that they kind of stretched to put it

in). It's just a theory, does anyone else have any info? Hopefully, if my

theory is correct, this will get released in theaters one of these days, maybe

w/ one of the prequels.