Han Solo

Of the original castmembers in the Holiday Special, Harrison Ford, along with Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, made the most appearances.  You see him in the beginning about to cancel the trip to Kashyyyk because of some Imperial forces, you see him at the end where the whole cast comes together, and you see him saving the Wookiee family from a Stormtrooper (which is the coolest scene of the whole show).  He is the highlight of the show, because nobody but him performed any 'action' during the special.  Luke did nothing, Leia did nothing, but Han saved Lumpy and killed a Stormtrooper.  Even though it is not very much action, and the one part where there is action is pretty corny, Han really captures the viewers' attention.  In the animated segment, Han is kidnapped by Boba Fett. Many fans are dissapointed when seeing the animated segment, because he looks extremely funny.