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1.A little secret about Star Tours... if anything is on the entrance or exit ramps, the computer will NOT allow the ride to begin... we found this out on a rainy day (Valentine's Day)... there was too much water on the exit ramps, and the computer would not allow the ride to start. We had to be unloaded and put in a different shuttle.

REPORTED: Robert Fox 17 FEB 98 <Picture> 2.My friend and I were waiting for Star Tours when the robot that controls everything in the second room suddenly says; "Sorry, ma'am, but you can't bring all that heavy luggage here and...ohh!! I'm sorry, I didn't know that was your husband!" We liked it.

REPORTED: Brett 04 NOV 97 3.None of the Rebel Ships in Star Tours are destroyed. Only Imperial TIE-Fighters and the Death Star suffer that fate. This is true at the Star Tours in both Disneyland and Disney World.

REPORTED: Howie Muzika 05 JUL 97 4.There was a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of Star Tours on February 28th 1997. First, a Cast Member read off greetings from Tatooine, Endor and Bogden. Then, Threepio, Chewie and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) walked up. She cut a ribbon with a lightsaber, and stood around for photos. By the way, most people didn't get the Bogden jokes, because they hadn't heard of the planet. It's from the Droids TV series; an episode which is on sale now!

REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97 5.Lucas Arts (the computer games division of Lucas) has honored Star Tours in its TIE Fighter game. In the first Historical TIE Interceptor Mission in the game, one of the shuttle the player has to inspect is called "Star Tours" and its cargo is "Tourists".

REPORTED: Alexander T. Sanjenis 04 MAY 97

Star Tours is indeed honored in the TIE Fighter PC game from LucasArts. The mission is also recreated in the new X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter game, as an inspection training mission. After inspecting a YT-1300 Transport (same type as the Millenium Falcon), the next ship in range is an Imperial Shuttle, named STAR TOURS...upon flying to sensor range, you'll discover it's cargo of TOURISTS...I always wondered who that crazy pilot was...

CONFIRMED: David Hebbe 13 JUN 97 6.While waiting in line in the first section, you'll hear an announcer ask for "Mr. Morrow...Mr. Tom Morrow", obviously a little joke as to the area the ride is in-Tomorrowland.

REPORTED: Dynara 06 APR 97

The Tom Morrow jokes hs nothing to do with where the ride is located, although that's a good guess. Tom Morrow was actually your animatronic "host", if you will, for the extinct Mission to Mars attraction.

UPDATE: Jed 13 APR 97 7.The pages in Star Tours include George Lucas' name pronounced backwards.

REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 22 AUG 96

CONFIRMED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97

When you enter Star Tours there is a guy who asks for egroeg sacul to come to the booth. Eoroeg Sacul is George Lucas backwards.

REPORTED: A.White 03 MAR 97 8.The land speeder has the license number of THX1138, Lucus's first feature film and his thesis from college.

REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 31 JUL 96

The call over the intercom is: "The speeder, license # THX1138 is in a no hover zone".

CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 11 DEC 96

While waiting in line, you hears the announcement, "Will the owner of the speeder with the license number THX 1138 please move their vehicle, you are in a no hover zone." THX 1138 is the 1st movie that George Lucas did (with Robert Duvall as THX 1138)...THX is also the name George gave to his great sound!

CONFIRMED: Diamond Chad 18 JUN 97 9.The 2 repair droids used at Disneyland's "Star Tours" are actually stripped ganders from the old "America Sings" show. Most of the old characters from "America Sings" are known to have been reused in "Splash Mountain" (the only one missing is the Old Grey Mare in the model "T"), but before "Splash Mountain" and while "America Sings" was still open, you might remember that one gander of the quartet that sang stage right (audience left) was missing from two scenes. The missing bird(s) became the R-2 Repair Droids.

REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 03 JUL 96 10.While in line, the second main room where there is the droid fixing the R2D2 the music you hear around you is called "Droid Rooms" which can be found on the CD "The Official Soundtrack of Disneyland and Walt Disney World".

REPORTED: Reynold Wang 11 FEB 97

Yes, The song you hear as you enter the second room in the Star Tours waiting room is called "Droid Room".

REPORTED: Sara Colwell 22 DEC 97 11.In the second room, on ths side with the radio playing the station "K-DROID", look over by the old computer boards by the hairpin turn of the pathway. There is a small console with a keyboard on the lower section, what looks like an intercom station on the upper left and some other switches and such. This is a prop you can see while watching CAPTAIN EO. It is in their ship near the ceiling behind IDEE and ODEE and is only visible in a few shots.

REPORTED: Budd Sweetman 18 FEB 97 12.In the Droid room on Star Tours, next to the the droid listening to K-droid, there it a smaller droid that runs on LGB train tracks, it has flashing lights and goes around in an odd shaped oval. And aginst the wall on some boxes platform there is some left over track. I know this because I own an LGB train set.

REPORTED: Jacob Bradshaw 02 JAN 98 <Picture> 13.The C3PO in Star Tours is plated with 24k gold.

REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96 <Picture> 14.The C3PO in the first room of the queue was originally completely gold-colored. However, die-hard fans of Star Wars complained that this was inaccurate and he was eventually painted like his movie counterpart -- his lower right leg, from the knee down, is silver.

REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97 15.n the queue line you hear a lot of jabber from C3PO and R2D2. Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C3PO in the movies provides the voice here as well. Plus, one of the PA announcements (the one that's in some wierd alien language, kinda low pitched) is also voiced by Mr. Daniels.

REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97 16.In the room with the two repair droids, if look way down from the queue you can see the console from "Lost In Space." It's easier to see if you wait until you make the u-turn and look down when you're about halfway up (it's almost directly beneath the queue before the u-turn).

REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97 17.Right when you enter Sector 2 of Star Tours, if you look to the left, you'll see a long shaft, but in reality it really is connected to a mirror to make it seem longer.

REPORTED: David Yeh 11 JAN 97 18.The pipes in the queue area of Star Tours are decaled with the designing imagineers' initials and phone extensions.

REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 22 AUG 96 <Picture> 19.The crafts people have their initials and birthdates on the baskets that are conveying robot parts overhead as you make the U-turn? Is it because someone didn't notice? So, now ya know.

REPORTED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 22 AUG 96 20.Not really a secret but cute. The monitor is talking about no flash photography, and the child in blue (front and center) turns around, and takes a flash photo, which aggravates Chewbacca and Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi.

REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97 21.If you look up in the room where C-3PO and R2 D2 are you can see Admiral Ackbar.

REPORTED: Chris Heady 29 OCT 97 <Picture> 22.The voice of Rex, your robotic pilot, is provided by Paul Reubens, aka Pee-Wee Herman.

REPORTED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95

CONFIRMED: jt august 07 OCT 96

CONFIRMED: Richmond 27 OCT 96 23.The reason Rex doesn't work properly is because he has a red plastic strip attached to his torso that reads "Remove Before Flight" Àthe strip is easy to see, but you have to be sitting right up close to be able to read it as it flips around during the trip.

CONFIRMED: Brent Rogers 11 JAN 97 24.Just as your ship is about to crash into the fuel truck, a guy in the control booth ducks down. The ship stops, the truck moves on and the guy stands up and picks up the phone. That guy is the one and only George Lucas

REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97

CONFIRMED: Glen Hidalgo 27 JAN 97

CONFIRMED: Derrick Rottler 18 MAR 97

In a recent issue of Eyes and Ears, a castmember magazine, there was a section of myths about the parks. One of the questions answered was the George Lucas Cameo at the end of the Star Tours attraction. According to an Imagineer that worked on the ride, it is not George Lucas, but a technician that was working on the film shoot who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be cast in that part.

WISHFUL THINKING: Brian Pastor 01 APR 97

A cast member in the Disney Gallery has confirmed that George Lucas is the man at the end of the Star Tours ride.

CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97 <Picture> 25.If you look at the right hand side of the view screen just before flying out the portal into space, you can see the microscope-like shrinking ray that used to be the entrance to "Adventures in Innerspace", the ride that Star Tours replaced.

REPORTED: John Douglas 11 DEC 95

CONFIRMED: Loring Fiske-Phillips 29 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 22 AUG 96

CONFIRMED: Richmond 27 OCT 96

CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 11 DEC 96

CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97

CONFIRMED: anon 21 FEB 97 26.When you are sitting down inside the ride, look to the left of the robot rookie pilot. On the wall in the "corner" is a glossy black plastic rectangle. Behind the facade is a security camera and the monitor is outside while you are waiting to board the ride. The monitor is covered by paper. A Cast Member explained: there are always kids that want to look at the monitor and since a Cast Member is not always there, kids may go over to the control panel and try to look. The kids could accidently push a button. By covering it, the kids never know it exists. Additionally, there is a control room between the second and third cabin that has a devoted Cast Member monitoring another set of screens. Obviously the Cast Members who work the queues cannot devote much attention to their screens and could miss a potential problem.

REPORTED: lhudson 19 JAN 96

CONFIRMED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Eric Basaker 17 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Loring Fiske-Phillips 29 FEB 96 27.Newer Disney rides have excellent contraptions for seat-belt detection. At Star Tours, the attendant opens a small hatch on the upper-right wall. Sometimes the attendant is blatant -- swings it wide open -- other times they keep it open enough for their vision. Underneath the hatch are rows of green LED's corresponding to fastened seatbelts. Un-lit LED's are unfastened.

REPORTED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96

CONFIRMED: Joy Hogley 17 APR 96

CONFIRMED: B 12 JUL 96 28.The footage from the scene in which the Death Star exhaust shaft is blasted and the X-Wing pilot says "It's a hit", supposedly meaning that the Death Star is about to blow up, is actually the footage from the first attempt by the X-Wing pilots to destroy the space station, an attempt which resulted in a miss, with one of the pilots saying "It didn't go in." The actual shot that destroyed the Death Star in Star Wars came from Luke, with only Han Solo covering him.

REPORTED: Rob Teitelbaum 22 JAN 97

The Star Tours Death Star torpedo footage is not the one made by Red Leader on the first X-wing run (that was a side view). But yes, there would be no explosion if the shot went in. But wait a minute, it's really the wrong Death Star! If this really is the one that was in orbit around the moon of Endor, then why are we even in the trench run? Wedge and Lando are in the reactor chamber blowing this thing sky high! Shouldn't we be helping them? Wrong movie, wrong mission. (But then why are Threepio and Artoo not on Endor too! Whatever happened to continuity?

UPDATE: Scott M. Leonard 22 FEB 97 29.If you want the most motion in Star Tours, ask to sit in the back row. You get more motion in the back as you do the front. If you have small children or get motion sickness, it is adviseable to sit closer to the front of the ride.

REPORTED: Becky 18 JUN 97

CONFIRMED: Kristy Lee 05 AUG 97