Welcome to the new THX 1138 site at LucasFan.com
This site is dedicated to the first feature film directed by George Lucas. When THX 1138 originally came out, not many people liked it and there was little interest. But more than 26 years later, it has become a cult classic. It is one of my favorite movies that I hope will one day be available on DVD. This site is meant to give visitors and Lucas fanatics a glimpse of this classic motion picture, but at the same time let Warner Bros. and Lucasfilm know that there is a lot of interest in this wonderful movie and that these companies might consider releasing this film on the DVD format. I hope snapped and scanned pictures from the film, as well as a few videoclips, and put together some additional features that I hope you will enjoy!!

01/05/2K: Added today: A script which you can only find here that is loaded with cut scenes - in INFO. Also, the pictures - in PICTURES - have been organized as thumbnails.
12/15/99: The site has finally been launched! Not all of it is finished yet. The pictures and multimedia sections are functional, but most of all: Check out my interview with the man who played SRT, the hologram: Don Pedro Colley!

THX 1138 is back on video! You can now own it in either regular or widescreen format. Both are only $12.99. Show Warner Bros. that there is interest for this movie, so that someday they will make a THX 1138 DVD!


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